melanie & lee

the house I was in had some friendly people renting rooms and for the first time since moving to London I got to relax.

still brusing from my experiences in Highgate, I took a few weeks to feel confident and be genuinely friendly in the new space.

I had scars that needed time to heal.

the first flat-mate I met was Melanie. smiling, happy and always ready to offer a glass of wine. Mel was a life saver.

by general agreement in the flat (to everyone but Mel) her boyfriend didn’t appreciate her or treat her with respect.
but we did.

Lee was also a life-saver.
a welcome & friendly guy. he lived in the flat next door. 

he was studying for accountancy exams when I moved in. propped up on Pro-Plus caffeine pills he was always working late, cramming and trying not to fuck up his planned future.

constantly ready with a winning turn of phrase. he was the first (but not the last) to tell me with a big cheesy grin:

”you’re so fucked Up Nick”

he might have been right.
I couldn’t tell or care but judging from the photo taken at the time (below) he might have had a point.

although the daytime  job was shitty, when I got back in the evening, I got to spend a lot of time drinking & smoking in the flat or in one of the pubs in the high road.

it felt like I was making up for lost time.