why don’t you show more recent work on this site?

this is an experiment in storytelling, bringing together autobiography, art and photography.

(a long answer to this question)

since I began this project last year, I’ve found this journey back in time, to be more genuinely creative and expressive than I could have hoped for.

developing this project has also been an important aid in helping me develop perspective on events and influences that occured in my past and which continue to influence and impact me.  

in addition, this site has also taken a lot more time to develop than I originally thought:
to shape, edit and reflect on my experiences as well as finding appropriate ways of presenting them for viewers. 

this includes displaying the work I produced during those years (for the first time) in their proper personal and historical context.

I plan to be working on a companion site showing more recent work but for now, my focus is on this site.

please follow my twitter account for details of more recent work.