changes & upheavals:

I got a ground floor flat in Highgate. located in an anonymous space somehow squeezed inside a row of shops.

on the other side of the road was a pavement leading to the tube station entrance.

a shared kitchen upstairs.
a shared bathroom upstairs.

I had a neighbour next door (and downstairs) who worked late in a record store and liked loud music. and upstairs a corrupt council manager and his unemployed poet girlfriend. 

there was a busy restaurant next door. a partition wall the only barrier preventing me from feeling as if I was living and working in their kitchen.

I went to sleep with headphones attached to my Walkman every night. I was trying to drown out the noise and soothe myself to sleep.

I was living at the top of a hill leading all the way down to the Holloway Road.

“this was the closest I’d ever get to living in central London ”

but even here, away from the intensity below, just achieving sanity was hard.

I’d never experienced this noise assualt before. the onslaught on my senses was constant and deeply felt.