seeing with photography


what I didn’t know at the time, until I started ‘seriously’ using a camera. was just how much photography was going to change my life.

I was beginning to see the world around me differently. almost straight away it was much harder to share what I was doing, or what I was thinking with anyone outside the course. 

I had no interest any of the stereotyped jobs I thought were associated with photography in Britain, like fashion, 
news or wedding photography. 

“that was all just bullshit to me.”

I had no thoughts about making a living with photography.

“I couldn’t care less at that point, if those were the only options available.”

home life was shaky. fortunately there were a few students already leaning towards photography on the Foundation course: Jess and Robin.

and that did make a difference and provided a focus. suddenly it wasn’t just me thinking about having photography in my future.

I found that photography has a transforming effect on anything put in front of the lens.and far from being a dumb machine, there were ways of making it work differently to reveal more than just what was in front of me.

I was working through ideas. stumbling.

I was saturated by work I’d seen in the College library. the first time I was aware of how much work there was to look at both in the UK and aboard.

I was also still under the spell of abstract expressionism so at the beginning that was my influence. 

“I still didn’t know if I wanted to continue to paint”

but slowly I learned to use light to make photographs. and how cameras worked.
I wasn’t always following rules but I did learn what I needed to. 

“I found my own way.”