The Wall - Photo Essay - East Finchley


One grey afternoon walking down a long side street on the way out of East Finchley, I wandered into a small park.
well away from the main road, sheltered, seemingly neglected.

but as I looked around, something was not quite right. the fencing stacked up on the right of the space wasn’t the kind of anonymous council fencing I was expecting to see.

this arrangement was more random: old doors, random panels, corrugated iron. anything that was rigid and could stand some weight.

and then I noticed the writing. all the writing, on almost every panel along the length of the fencing.

an epic love letter to Sibhoan 0’Mahoney from Pat Quinn.

something had happened in the relationship.
deeply felt. again and again the same pleading words appearing along the length and width of the panels.

this was familiar pain to me.
I’d felt like this during breakups, so I knew how Pat felt.
a punch to the gut that never seemed to end.

but he’d had taken it all one step further and committed his words in a public space.

this wasn’t a one-off drunken scrawl.

this was all about pain and loss.